Thursday, December 30, 2010

Light bulb on my ceiling

I took my E pass yesterday, which is great! Not that because i want to become a Singapore PR but because i feel i deserve it. Actually it will not affect me very much but still it just feels better.

2010 will come to end about 24 hours later. Thought i should at least write something to end this year entries. So probably you will find reading this post direction-less. 

One great thing for me is i will not be working during 1st and 2nd January. I gonna really have to think and plan carefully how am i going to spend these 2 days. My tripod has been hiding in its bag most of the time. Only brought it out twice for some try-outs. Nothing significant products yet. Think i will be doing something with my tripod this weekends.

My parents were having a hard time getting bus ticket for me. CNY tickets are being sold at an incredibly high price. Almost 3 times of normal selling price.

FYI i passed my BTT too. The next step is to go to Malaysia's JPJ and cut my Malaysia driving license, then go back to Singapore and convert my driving license. I will then free to drive on Singapore roads.

Gosh... I feel this post is damn pathetic and boring. That's all for today. By the way, Bleeding Love by New Heights is just awesome!!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Something to blog about

Finally there's something worth blogging about. Here's something new about me.

I bought my first DSLR ever. The Nikon D7000. Currently eyeing at a decent tripod and portrait lens.

My company finally agree to apply E Pass for me after working for 7 months.

HTC Desire HD is finally available at Singtel. Once my E pass is approved i will be registering with Singtel to get the HTC.

One month to go before i receive my first ever bonus. Wonder how much would it be.

For the first time ever i rejected an invite for alcohol drinking. I am commencing a healthy diet and active lifestyle.

Hope all this will come true very soon. 

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Brunch, Dinner and Supper

My Diet of The Day

Milo mixed with Nutrifresh + 5 pieces of Jacob's Hi-fibre Biscuits

Plain Porridge + Sliced Pork

Pineapple Juice

Juices of 1 Lemon, 1 Carrot, and 1 Green Apple mixed together

1 Kiwi Fruit

That's all i ate today. My brunch, dinner and supper. Diet of my own creation. Lolzz...

Thursday, November 11, 2010

State of Mind

 We live in a world where we are exposed to many situations. These situations will make you feel something, the thing which we called feeling. 

This feeling will make you experience all the ups and downs in life, all the joy and tears, all the excitement and boredom, all the inferiority and superiority, and all the other more complicated ones. These are caused by some kind of chemical compounds released by our body. Due to these stuffs we enjoy or suffer from something.

We like feelings that are positive, that make you feel great. The problem is that we also have to deal with the negative ones. Like me i used to take too much time wandering in a negative state of mind. I thought to myself "how can my life be so bad? Why do i lost to others? Why after i tried so hard i still lose. Why?" That's all i was thinking about.

I used to try very hard to overcome these feelings. As i grow older i became more skillful. I realized all this are actually just a state of mind. It is actually manageable. 

First thing is you must able to calm down and think about the situation from a further perspective. Don't let yourself drown in that situation. Imagine yourself actually standing very far away from the situation, so that you could suffer less impact. The further the better. Always ask yourself this question when you are down or when you think you are going to be down, "How bad could it be? It's nothing."

Just remember that you are being manipulated to feel this way. By whom? By God who created human. It is just an effect, a chemical reaction. Keep your mind clear. Believe in yourself that life will be so much better soon. At the same time strive for what you want to achieve in life and be patient.

I believe we can choose what we want to feel. It's our life, it's our body, it's our mind, and i believe we get to choose how we want it to be. Enjoy the positive ones and dilute the negative ones.

It is just a STATE OF MIND and you can control it!

Monday, October 18, 2010


Today... I can choose to go home at 5.30pm, but i didn't. I don't feel like going home. It got me started to think, why don't i wan to go home?

I realized that working late is part of me already. I wanted to stay longer though i got nothing else to do. Perhaps part of the reasons is i got nothing better to do also other than work. Perhaps i love my job? That i should just keep on working? This is the life i wanted to be? No no no no......

What i want actually?

Love Story meets Viva La Vida

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Soul of Motion

I want to get one of this...

It is so pretty! I have been always dreaming about having a RX-8. This is actually the Mazda Shinari instead of RX-9 as it is titled in this video. Anyhow, It is just stunning!

Friday, October 8, 2010

For what? So what?

Stuck for 15 minutes trying to figure out what to write. I don't want to write just for the sake of keeping my blog alive. Usually i write because i wanted to, that i have something in mind i wanted to share with whomever it is out there that are interested to read my blog.

Just some short updates before i proceed. I have been working for almost 5 months, another 9 days to go to be exact. What i learned? I learned that working life is just a game. A game that you are trying to win at the end of the day. The definition of 'win' being able to climb up to the top of the hierarchy. Constantly feeling you are on the way, and that you salary are constantly being revised, or that you are receiving extra rewards from time to time, and that are what will keep me motivated to work.

What if i able to do that? Should i give up my dream and just continue working? Work, work and work? Play the game of work? I scare i get too comfortable with what i'm going to receive. I want to be more than that yet i scare i will feel contented. But then again, so what i get all the physical things i wanted? Am i going to be happier? I don't know. What about family? What about life itself? Ahh... stop talking about this already. It won't change a thing for me right now. I know i'm just going to continue doing what i do now. Probably because i got nothing else to do already.

I guess i am kind of lost right now. Am i?

Some people say if they don't blog most probably is because their lives are going pretty well. That is why no complain, no unhappiness, and so nothing much to tell. For those who have problems, they wan to talk it out in order for them to feel better. I think i belong to the latter one. I'm just not the kind of people who will brag about their happiness. Maybe because i don't want others to feel like i am showing off. Or perhaps i should considering a change regardless of how others might think as long as i'm happy.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A song worth sharing from Namewee

Namewee - I Am Who I Am

My comment? I think it carries Jay Chou feel which at first i think it is not so much of an authentic piece of music. However, it feels good and i feel like wanna listen to it again and again. This type of music is pretty much very simple but still you will find it awesome to listen to. 

Many first timers or amateur song composers tend to overdo a song. They adding in lots of complicated stuffs but doesn't really mix well together. They thought by adding more elements it will become better but sadly it is not the case. If you really pay more attention to those nice listening songs out there, some of them really composed using very simple groove/riff. In this case, the PIANO, i think you can hear it playing the same thing over and over again right? But it just sound so nice! Give you other examples, Jay Chou's Secrets, 不能说的秘密, Dashboard Confessional's Stolen, Plain White T's Let me take you there, and so much more. Just pay attention to each individual instruments, listen to how the musics are played and you will know.

Another common mistake is a song is composed with many instruments trying to do a fill in the exact same part. All trying to grab attention from the audience and never let one take the lead. Take turns to do fill but not all together. Even if a fill is very nice but all instruments play a fill at the same part audience are going to be attracted to only one instrument, which is the most outstanding one and the rest will left unheard or, it will feel very messy mixing all the fill together.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

A thoughtful post

Last night i went to Clark Quay for the first time. Well.. The environment is very nice and i love it so much. Lights are everywhere and stunningly lit. Hanging out there is definitely great although it was quite crowded i must say. Maybe crowded is the whole point because without the crowd there would not be any atmosphere at all.

Life here started to get boring. Less and less new things came up and things started to get very repetitive. I wonder whether it would be the same if i was in Malaysia instead of here at Singapore. Maybe worse at Malaysia i don't know. Living my life this way is really making me feel meaningless. If one doesn't have any goal or target working here i think probably he or she would find it very hard to carry on your life here especially if you are alone.

So how do you compensate yourself for all the hardship you endure? Buying stuffs is surely one the way. Grab home some new gadgets in shopping mall for you to play with. Spice up your super duper boring life a little bit. However, it kind of screw up your initial plan/goals of working here which primarily is to save money. Same goes to hanging out in places like pub or expensive restaurant. You get a wonderful experience but it cost you hell lots of money. Are these experiences worth the money?

To answer the question above one might need to consider what is he actually planning to do with the money you saved. As for me if you are only trying to save and so that when you go back your hometown you get to buy a house and car that is to me, so not worth it, especially if you were to sacrifice being with your loved ones and friends. At the end of the day you still need to work, and perhaps work even harder because you may find the experience you gained here irrelevant to your future work in your hometown. It is basically starting all over again except you have your house and car with you. Besides, are you willing to accept the wage that is cut down more than half? That is assuming you only consider about the exchange rate not to say the figure itself might get slash down.

So what is the right plan? I have plans of my own and i prefer to keep it to myself right now. Hopefully one day in the future i get to share how was i actually done it. Now the thing for me is i find it rather difficult to balance between the money saved and compensation for my working-my-ass-off life. How much should i spend and how much should i save? Working in my field is so unpleasant simply because the working environment itself is harsh, under the extreme sunlight and heat. Not to forget the dangerous working environment which is so notoriously known for hazards like falling from heights, hit by falling objects, machine crushing your body parts and so on. If the money isn't good i really don't want to work in this field anymore. If i'm in Malaysia, forget about being a civil engineer.

Another thing is, working as site engineer, you get to see only males, or perhaps 98% males. That is so cruel when you are trying to get a life partner and move on your life to the next stage. If you are not single before entering this field then you should thank God! Unless you are good with being alone for the rest of your life. For me, i started to think of a family rather than a simple boyfriend-girlfriend relationship. I think i have come to the stage where i hope the next girl i'm dating with is the one that i'm going to marry. My project manager who is already married always said to me, "Faster go get a girlfriend lo.." "If you still behave like it doesn't matter then before you realized you already an old man." "Make an effort now otherwise later when you old who is going to take care of you?" Things like that... I know it is funny but it is quite true.

I don't know how and i don't know when but i hope i can find my special one someday somehow. In the mean time, i will remind myself to stay focus on achieving my goals in life. Joy is obtain doing what you passionate about, and that is how life supposed to be.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Beware of becoming Old

With the Love The Way You Lie & Not Afraid Mashup video circulating around the whole Facebook network, Jason Chen became a name that everybody knows, suddenly.

Just a Dream cover by Jason Chen & Joseph Vincent

It is amazing how things can change at such fast. For one moment you are not, and the next you are. This is how fast one could rise, and perhaps falls too. The internet open up all the possibilities. If you think you are good at something, go get a good video camera and start recording at yourself and upload it to the internet. Bamm!! You're famous!

Hogging on to the internet via social networking websites i.e. Facebook, reading blogs written by friends are how you keep yourself updated to one another these days. If there is anything you want to know, just remember to Google it. However some people believe in not-too-dependent on the internet and chose to rely on face to face communication. They afraid that this might become the only way people communicate in future.

Embrace the change i must say. Otherwise you definitely will lose out. Speed up the rate you obtain information. That is of real importance these days. When you are there mushrooming don't know what to do for a particular day, start by visiting Facebook. From there find anything that interest you and carry on from there. There's nothing bad about it really. Use the internet to achieve your dreams. That's what i thought.

However, one needs to know when you hanging out with friends but you keep checking out your cellphone is kind of irritating. I myself find it very turn-off to me if the girl i'm dating with were like that. I would rather go home sleeping than dating a girl like that. Just keep the device off for a second and spend time talking to your friends. If you're alone then the mini computer inside your pocket is definitely your best friend but not any other time.

Do you know Oxford Dictionary is on its way to stop producing the a-few-inches-thick book because no body is buying it in the US anymore? Plus it is no green cutting off trees to make books. Give it another decade books may become antique already. So start embracing the habit of reading the internet instead. Do it constantly, when you are alone, not with friends.

You know how people became old? Not through physical body fitness deterioration but the refusal to change and keep yourself relevant to the society. You know what?  I know a guy who is around 80 years old and he got better computer skills than me. That's how i will define young.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

My Sunday

Sunday is the only non-work day for me. First, i wake up and open my laptop(assuming i didn't fall asleep without shutting down my laptop the night before as i don't want to sleep early because it is the only night i get to sleep late without worrying about work the next day). 

Then i open up my facebook checking out news feed. Try to identify who will be able to have lunch with me. My roommate never around during weekend. Plus there is no decent hawker center near by my place. So i never stay at home during weekend. I get out of my apartment before lunch and back after dinner. Every single weekend since i came here. Not even once i was at home for the weekend.

A nice lunch and dinner are the two most important things for me during weekend. During work days i eat very simple food and very repetitive because i don't have much choices at my workplace. Sometimes i eat until i don't feel like eating anymore. That's why... 

After that anything in between will be alright. The most common thing i will do in between this lunch and dinner time will most probably be movie. On average, i watched at least 1 movie per week and i never spent my weekend without watching a movie ever since i came here. I spent big part of my time (and money) shopping too. I bought many stuffs. Stuffs like shoes, wallet, pants, jeans, socks, t-shirt, watch and etc...

The rest of the time i spent visiting new places around Singapore. Esplanade Theater By The Bay being the most i liked. After dinner time there's always free show. Shows like music band performing, dances, some magic stuffs and other entertainment alike...

Esplanade Theater by The Bay

Although everything seems ordinary but so far i still find it rejuvenating for me. I mean after a long week of 6 full working days. It really does.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

China is not my home but Malaysia is

Now almost everybody is in Singapore. I can actually find more close friends here than in Malaysia. It is really ironic. Why Malaysia allow this to happen? Why can't Malaysia economy is as good as Singapore? If not better.

I always wonder when our leaders will stop fighting each other and really work towards a better tomorrow for our country. I don't even bother to read those news that bear the title with a politicians name on it anymore. I think it is wasting my time. Too much are said and little are done. I wish to see Malaysia is really a Bolehland. Not just a popular slogan for the purpose of... actually i don't know why we always have to say we boleh? why don't we just stop saying we boleh and actually do something to change for better. It's meaningless!

Amid this Merdeka month, it is really sad to see remarks such as "go back China" can actually be heard. And that actually spoken to a third generation Malaysian. What does this imply? That the person is never a Malaysian? We are sick and immature. The PM said there is zero tolerance for racist remarks but little have done to deter this to happen. Otherwise we would not have to go through this kind of situation. There are too many rules differentiate the people of Malaysia. If there is no such rules, then everybody will be the same. We should be the same regardless of our skin tone.

I will come home one day and help Malaysia to grow (i hope i able to). And when i'm back, i hope i feel welcomed. All the best Malaysia!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Suddenly everybody is like a damn good singer

A Song that sung differently could be so much difference. One impresses another. Music is just so wonderful. 

Eminem - Love The Way You Lie ft. Rihanna

Love The Way You Lie Cover/Remix ft. Matty BRaps & Julia Sheer

Love The Way You Lie / Not Afraid Mashup - Jason Chen

Love The Way You Lie (Acoustic Version) - Jemma Pixie Hixon

Apparently Rihanna is just as comparable as the others. They are just the same. The difference is music. That is all.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Tyler Ward ft. Cobus Potgieter

Well this is a collaboration cover featuring Cobus. Honestly seldom we could see Cobus play it such simple. Sometimes simple is good. It gives the song spaces to breath, so that it won't choke you too much.

The Club Can't Handle Me

Sunday, August 22, 2010

A post simply to keep my blog updated

Looks like i have been abandoning my blog for quite some time. Not much thought arise recently? Or perhaps it is just plain lazy...

Received confirmation letter last week. Got a pay raise! It's a good news right? Already start wondering when is the next pay raise? Hope it won't be long. Haha...

Guess what is the next thing i have in mind? I want to buy house! Recently i always feel that a nice big comfy house is the best one could ever get. I got attracted by those properties magazine. It is just too beautiful to ignore. The furniture, lighting, garden, big LCD tv, home theater system, and so on... and a big comfy sofa... gosh i want to lie down on my imaginary sofa!!

Picturing my dream home...

Saturday, August 7, 2010

The Moment

This is the first time i come back Malaysia after i went to Singapore for work. I'm taking leave from 5th to 7th August. 8th is Sunday and 9th is Singapore National Day, which means public holiday. Resume work at 10th of August. A total 5 days off work. NICE!!

6th August 2010, 3.30pm was my convocation. I think this was the first time my family ever taken a family photo together with all 5 members of my family. Actually we do have a family photo but only 4 members, that was before my 7 years younger-than-me brother was born. After that we never have any photo taken with all of us together. So these are PRECIOUS!!

It is real nice isn't it...?

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

This is how i feel

Tomorrow company driver is not available for me. It means i have to take public transport to get to work.

Gosh... have to wake up an hour earlier.

Well... never mind.

Sometimes as i sit in the bus, looking at the streets, the sceneries, the vehicles passing by, the pedestrians and many other tiny details, i feel calmed while being in a state of thoughtlessness. Just thinking about nothing at all for the whole journey.

Not only during my way back and forth between my place of stay and company. I also spend quite a lot of time traveling by boat everyday. Departing from my company's yard to job site, which takes about 40 minutes.

Everyday... just like that. About 3 hours plus minus.

Just like that... traveling from one place to another.

Do you feel emo reading this post?

I feel empty. Simply empty. Emo-ed...

I wanna be in love again. I have no idea when will it happen to me again.

I'm waiting. Just waiting. Doing nothing to make it happen.

Friends, send someone to love me. I need to rest in arms.

I feel old...

I feel sleepy...

Is time to sleep i guess...

Monday, July 19, 2010

My Goddess!!

Recently I've started to watch K-On!! again. Last time i watched season 1 during my last semester. This time around i catch up with season 2 from Youtube. I think if you love playing in a band somehow you will likely to watch this.

K-On!! Popular Anime Band
A few of the nice songs from this anime are Don't Say Lazy and Go! Go! Maniac. Saw these drum covers the other day when searching for these 2 songs. Covered by a 13 years old girl drumming prodigy. Totally blew me away. Seriously love it!!

Senri Kawaguchi
Go! Go! Maniac

Don't Say Lazy

She's cute!! Love her smile!!!

Friday, July 16, 2010

It's 6.26am now

It's 6.26am now. I woke up about half an hour ago. Not by alarm or anything but somehow i just woke up. 

I have to get out of my house before 7.15am. As usual, to work. Sunday is coming. The only work-free day. Yesterday one of my colleagues resigned. She found another job with a better-suit-her scope of work. She was firmed with her decision although her superior trying to woo her to stay.

When i heard the news from her, i feel surprised but i have to agree with her decision. When you find that your current job no longer satisfy you then you should start looking for another one and move on. She not yet pass her probation period though, that's good for her because she has got herself another job and she only needs to give notification one week before the day of resignation. 

As for me i find my job relevant to my interests and final goals, at least it still does. I'm researching on courses that will enhance my value to employer. I am planning on asking my company to support me once i found the right courses. I find companies here are quite willing to send their employees to courses. I already have few courses pending to attend which were requests or should i say instructions from my company, not that i asked for that. I am looking forward to it though.

Some of my friends lamented about their jobs and future and i find it quite annoying. I just thought i feel like there is not much freedom for me to choose and i am quite contended with what i have now but they are complaining about their jobs which i think they got a pretty good company and job scope. Perhaps they have their reasons but somehow i just feel annoyed listen to it.

It's 6.50am now. Signing off...

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Think before you recommend

Facebook Recommended Pages

I would like to ask Facebook. Are you sure? I thought they were against each other?

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Scenes I See Everyday Part 2 : Huge

Here's the part 2. Subtopic: HUGE
Perhaps i should just let the pictures do the talking.

Nichinori Front View
Nichinori Side View
Asian Hercules Front View
Asian Hercules Side View
It may seems small in the picture but trust me, It's HUGE!!

Monday, July 5, 2010

Am I a Shopaholic?

Buying things certainly makes me happy. It feels like... hmm... great. It boosts confidence.

Recently i was like in a shopping spree, buying lots of stuffs. Are these symptoms qualify me as a shopaholic? Or it is just simply an outcome of improved financial condition? Lolz...

Swatch that i just bought

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Kuala La La Lumpur

At first i heard it from Kyan's Blog. I visited his blog a few more times i started to love this song. As i continue to listen to it, i heard Kuala Lumpur. No kidding! Lolzz...

Mizz Nina feat.Colby O'Donis - What You Waiting For

Baby, I never seen someone with your body
You make me want get this party started
Hey baby, come in tell me what this all, baby, baby
Tell me what you what you waiting for

Baby, I never seen someone with your body
You make me wanna get a little naughty
Hey baby come in get it it's all yours, baby, baby
Tell me what you what you waiting for

Its your birthday
So tell me what you want to
Its my birthday
I really wanna get with you
Drop the beat now and may be we can get it started
Well go insane and take you to the after party

So what's your name
Hey baby what's your name (oh yeah)
Sexys my name
Yeah sexys my name
OK and whats your game
Hey baby what's your game
OK I like to play
I I like to play

Baby, I never seen someone with your body
You make me want get this party started
Hey baby, come in tell me what this all, baby, baby
Tell me what you what you waiting for

Baby, I never seen someone with your body
You make me wanna get a little naughty
Hey baby come in get it it's all yours, baby, baby
Tell me what you what you waiting for

Hey sexy girl from Kuala la la Lumpur
Hey baby that's me I'll be on the dance floor
I got you with surprise we pop in up in VIP
and if I ask nice can I take you home with me

So what's your name
Hey baby what's your name (oh yeah)
Sexys my name
Yeah sexys my name
OK and whats your game
Hey baby what's your game
OK I like to play
I I like to play

Baby, I never seen someone with your body
You make me want get this party started
Hey baby, come in tell me what this all, baby, baby
Tell me what you what you waiting for

Baby, I never seen someone with your body
You make me wanna get a little naughty
Hey baby come in get it it's all yours, baby, baby
Tell me what you what you waiting for

Baby let's get crazy
Come and loose control
You want to tear up the after party
I know you want some more
I wanna see you with that body
Working down real low
Baby yeah Come and get it
What you what you waiting for

Baby, I never seen someone with your body
You make me want get this party started
Hey baby, come in tell me what this all, baby, baby
Tell me what you what you waiting for

Baby, I never seen someone with your body
You make me wanna get a little naughty
Hey baby come in get it it's all yours, baby, baby
Tell me what you what you waiting for

Mizz Nina is from Kuala Lumpur! She's hot but i didn't know that until i heard Kuala La La Lumpur! Lolzz.. I know i'm slow Kyan, but it still worth sharing right? :D

Friday, June 25, 2010

Scenes I See Everyday Part 1

Well... I have been working for more than a month now. Few know what i'm doing. I will take this chance to share with you all.

My company's projects are mainly on marine piling, which means building foundation for structure constructed off shore. That includes wharves, jetties, terminals, bridges and so on. The project i'm involving in is a Liquid Natural Gas Terminal (LNG Terminal). A Terminal where oil tanker and LNG Ship will be mooring at.

Currently, it is in the Marine Soil Investigation (SI) stage. Basically it is similar to the one perform on land but the only difference is it's on sea that's all. In order to do this Marine SI, a jack up barge is needed.

Jack Up Barge

Everyday i travel from my company shipyard to my site at Jurong Island South West. It took around 35 minutes to reach. So i got plenty of time to take some nice pictures along the way.

Oil Rigs and Cranes plus a very nice background

Shipyards and Docks

Crane, Crane, and Cranes...

Leader of Piling Barge

My Company's Backyard/Shipyard

That's all for now. Will be continued next time. I can hardly lift up my eyelids already. Sleepy.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Singapore MRT

Recently the government of Malaysia announced the plan to build a new MRT to boost the country's public transport usage from 18% in 2009 to 40% by 2020. Total budget would cost up to RM 50 billion.

If this really materialized, and everything really goes as planned, it certainly makes travelling in KL much more pleasant. Hopefully, something is done on the public bus as well. Integrating this two major transportation system. Then i could proudly say my country has a comprehensive transportation system, at least in KL.

However, that is not what i really want share with you right now, but instead, the Singapore MRT. I live in Pasir Panjang now which has no MRT station nearby but in a year or two perhaps, there would be one as i already see there are construction going on at my place. You see the difference in between Malaysia's and Singapore's, is that the latter is always improving, solve the problem before it arising.

The Current Singapore MRT lines

The Future Singapore MRT lines

I came across this so called Future Singapore MRT lines from one of my friend's blog writing his experience traveling to Singapore. Although i'm not sure it is from a reliable sources or not, i believe it will be materialized, somehow or rather.

The line is being extended from time to time and more stations are constantly added to the existing line. They wait for no body but instead, planned, prepared and wait for the needs and demand to come. If only Malaysia is as prepared as Singapore.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

I miss drumming!

This is not exactly a new song but i just came across it and i can't stop listening to it. So i thought i may also share with you guys. This song Fireflies from Owl City.

Owl City - Fireflies

I originally came across this song from Cobus. He covered the songs and i thought it was nice! You should definitely see this!

Cobus Potgieter - Fireflies Drum Remix

Music really open up my world. Somehow i felt like i was being more complete and perfect as i was engaging myself deep into music. It really heals my soul.

It's not like i hate my job but i just feel that life is so predictable without music. As for me, music totally change how i feel for this world. The world suddenly became interesting and beautiful.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

iPhone 4

What is the hot topic for today? Let's us hear from Steve Jobs.

News Footage of Steve Jobs Announcing iPhone 4

Official Video By Apple

FaceTime calling through Wi-Fi connection. Switching from front camera to the back camera when FaceTiming. Impressive!

See more at website below.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

3 Doors Down

R'ber YeeWai was calling me, that i mentioned in my last post? We went for a drink and chatted for a while. It was in Jurong East Interchange. There's also a Popular Book Store there which also sell music CDs. Apparently there was this promotion buy 3 for $10.

Most are old albums. One of the CDs i bought is 3 Doors Down featuring "It's Not My Time"

It's Not My Time

The other one quite nice was "Let Me Be Myself"

Let Me Be Myself

Gosh! I miss drumming so much. Whenever i feel my life is monotonous, i just try to imagine i'm playing a nice song in a band. Picture myself being my oldself, sitting behind the kit... I feel i became alive again!

Friday, June 4, 2010

Random Updates

I'm writting this in library. Connected using Wireless@SG free wireless internet. I think from now on i will be hanging out here more n more often. To skip the traffic crawl, to enjoy the air-conditioned environment, also quiet and comfort, and most importantly laze on a very soft sofa. It is just nice!

I got a colleague who joined my company a week later than i am. Also, a site engineer. He actually wanted to resign after one week with the company but eventually being advised by a senior colleague to stay and see more for himself before he make any decision. Simply because he realised he could fall into the sea anytime and he doesn't know how to swim.

My job salary isn't high but i got an ok accomodation, three quarter to-and-fro transportation for work, handphone allowance, and a new personal laptop. The only bad thing is i am holding a work permit. When i ask they said company will monitor its employee's performance before upgrade them to S/E pass.

And now YeeWai is calling, he asked to yumcha. So... until next time.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Old one don't go, New one don't come?

24 hours ago my external hard drive spoilt. A mere 3 months life! Total hours in use probably not more than 24 hours. Buffalo!!! You really did GREAT!!

Don't ask me how its life ended. Just tell yourself don't buy Buffalo!! Although it is under warranty, i not sure i will be happy if i get a replacement though in case it couldn't be fixed. Even if it fixable am i gonna get back all the data i stored in it is still a big question.

On the other hand, company finally handed me a laptop, to facilitate my work. It is a HP ProBook 6440b. Besides, i bought a Microsoft Headphone with mic and a wired mouse, also from Microsoft. Both these were shopped at Sin Lin Square, the electronics stuff heaven, like the Low Yat in KL.

Does a new beginning requires the sacrifice of the old stuffs? My photos, videos, songs, documents, installers... all gone! Back to zero. So i can start over? Nice man!!

Nevermind... I'll start over.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Days before work at Singapore

Hello everyone! Tomorrow is my first day working here at Singapore. Just thought wanna give you guys a short update. 

I've been staying at NUS hostel for few days now after my medical check up. One thing worth mention here is that the food at their canteen is awesome and cheap too. What i have had here normally won't exceed 3 dollars. There are various kind of food here. Western, Chinese, Japanese, Indian, Thai, Vietnamese and so on... Wonder why my campus at Nibong Tebal provides such dull choices of food. I thought at least they should make it more tasty.

Connection here is real fast and no unnecessary restriction of website. A lot of big trees and well connected walkway which provide shade when you travel around campus or hostel. Bathroom however is quite small though. Couldn't stretch my hands entirely and it hits the wall constantly when using my towel.

I'm lucky cause i don't have to look for accommodation. Other friends that also coming to Singapore for work have been having hard time finding apartment. A 3+1 usually fetch a rate higher than 2000 SG dollars per month. Hope they could find a suitable one very soon.

Fountain of Wealth Suntec City
I went to Suntec City last night with Feng Ying. Looked around but sadly the Fountain of Wealth is undergoing maintenance until 22nd March. We went to check out some laptops instead. Wanted to get one so badly. According to HR of my company, probably they will provide me a laptop depending on my job scope, which i yet to know. However i was told not to change/install anything in the laptop. So i guess it is kind of a restriction that will bothers me, which means probably i will get myself one no matter the company gives me one or not.

The first 2 weeks i will be placed at head office for some orientation and training. Then later i will be notified of which site to go to. According to them, there's a new project commencing at Vietnam next month. I hope i will be asked to go because it will be an another brand new experience for me. I will be offered another contract with oversea's allowance if i'm in. It is kind of two birds in one stone for me. But still, nothing is confirmed. So... will see.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day Special

As i grow older, family become more and more important to me. When i gave it a deeper thought, family is actually all that matters at the end of the day.

Father retired, used to be a self-employed lorry driver. Mother currently working as a bread stall helper in local market, earning Rm 20 per day. My family has been living frugally since forever ago.

Growing up has been a challenge for me. Well... challenge in terms of overcoming my desire especially when i was still a kid. The kids next door always have better toys than mine. Whatever things that i wanted to own, i have to figure out a way to own it myself. The conventional way, getting money from parents just don't work well for me.

This situation has shaped me to become independent, ambitious and determined. I don't allow much space for myself to fail. I have high expectations. Sometimes i became ruthless especially to my parents. Eventually they get used to it and stop trying to prevent me from doing anything anymore. Because i just won't listen to them. I do what i feel right.

They don't believe the situation will change very much even after i grow up. Although i tried to convince them that i will change this. They lived poor far too long to be able to dream again. They always feel miniature, inferior, insecure and no expectation.

This really have to change!

One day i want them to feel only the feelings of satisfied, happy, and proud. Stop telling me to be contented! I have had enough of it.

Jason Mraz - A Beautiful Mess

This blog was written after a short moment i saw this quote:


I don't think it is wrong, but i don't think it is correct either. As for me, i don't think it is appropriate to apply it to all situations. Maybe some, but not all.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Movie Spree!!

Finished my very last exam paper 12 hours ago! Now it just left the printing of my FYP hardbound copy to finish my 4 year course of civil engineering here at USM Engineering Campus Nibong Tebal. Finally!!

The plans for coming days other than FYP would be...

Movie! Movie!! Movie!!!

Started off with today, just 3 hours after my exam, my coursemates and i went to Sunway Carnival to watch this...

Iron Man 2

My rating for this would be 3.5/5. Just a personal judgement though. I feel that's no big surprise watching it... then nothing much that will grab your emotion... but overall speaking it was quite entertaining.

Well... that was for today. Tomorrow we'll continue with this...

Ip Man 2

We'll be watching at the same place again but with more people will be joining us.

I don't know where exactly it is from but i saw a hybrid version poster of them.

Ipron Man 2

Obviously i haven't watch Ip Man 2 so nothing to be said yet. However i am quite looking forward to this one. I like a particular quote i heard/seen in the trailer...


The day after tomorrow, still in planning process, probably will go watch this one...

Toy Story 1 & 2 Double Feature

It is the same old Toy Story 1 & 2 you used to watch years back but in a continuous 3 hours 11 minutes 3D version. Actually if you ask me, whether it is worth watching, i think it depends on you really. For me when i try to remember the scenes and the storyline, i couldn't recall any. So i guess i want to watch it. :)

This one actually serve as a refresher and prepare you to watch the new Toy Story 3 due to on air this summer, some time around mid of june.

Toy Story 3

If you are a fan of Toy Story you should really check out this website. Below is the Print Screen of the website with some nice background music also! Haha!!

Embedding disabled by request! So i will just provide the link and go watch for yourself here and here. Anyway by the time it is aired i think i will be busy working. Not sure will have the time to go watch though. Sighz...