Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A song worth sharing from Namewee

Namewee - I Am Who I Am

My comment? I think it carries Jay Chou feel which at first i think it is not so much of an authentic piece of music. However, it feels good and i feel like wanna listen to it again and again. This type of music is pretty much very simple but still you will find it awesome to listen to. 

Many first timers or amateur song composers tend to overdo a song. They adding in lots of complicated stuffs but doesn't really mix well together. They thought by adding more elements it will become better but sadly it is not the case. If you really pay more attention to those nice listening songs out there, some of them really composed using very simple groove/riff. In this case, the PIANO, i think you can hear it playing the same thing over and over again right? But it just sound so nice! Give you other examples, Jay Chou's Secrets, 不能说的秘密, Dashboard Confessional's Stolen, Plain White T's Let me take you there, and so much more. Just pay attention to each individual instruments, listen to how the musics are played and you will know.

Another common mistake is a song is composed with many instruments trying to do a fill in the exact same part. All trying to grab attention from the audience and never let one take the lead. Take turns to do fill but not all together. Even if a fill is very nice but all instruments play a fill at the same part audience are going to be attracted to only one instrument, which is the most outstanding one and the rest will left unheard or, it will feel very messy mixing all the fill together.

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