Wednesday, August 31, 2011

An August not to forget

The month of August 2011 is going to end in about 40 minutes time. Hope that i can finish this post before September come.

August was a happening month. I moved to Pasir Gudang at 10th of August. A day after i enjoyed a day off at 9th of August, National Day of Singapore. Settling down at this very industrialised town is okay. The first few days was awful. No transport, no internet, etc...

Things get better after that, company given me one old, rusted Iswara but who cares, as long as its wheels are rolling. Few days after that i registered Celcom broadband 3.5mbps speed with 6GB for monthly usage. Pretty smooth and hustle free. Nice. I can claim from the company as well because it is for work purposes too.

Ever since i came to Pasir Gudang, i went back to Singapore every weekends. Partly due to there is no entertainment around Pasir Gudang. Plus the fact that i'm not really familiar with Johor roads, is better to go back to some where i can take public transports to wherever i want to go and meet my friends.

This month is also special because LGM came down to NTU for the final round of FYSK-17. Although we didn't win but it was fun and it was great to be able to meet them and listen to them playing again.

This month going to end really nicely. With the last few days of the month being holidays, and the fact that i enjoyed off days and celebrated the National Day for both Singapore and Malaysia together at this month makes it even special.

LitleGras life is always the best! Wish this could last forever and ever.