Sunday, January 30, 2011

Pre-Holiday shoutout!

Well... Holiday officially started! I'm still in Singapore though. Bus depart tonight at 9pm.

You know i thought i was quite committed to my job already. Willing to work like no day or night for my company. I really thought i'm doing good enough. But as time passed by, apparently it wasn't enough. When you willing to commit more, the more they going to give. It will never stops. 

My superior actually expects me to do more. I mean WTH? You want more? I'm a human you know. I need rest and i need time for my own activity. Wonder why the culture of my company is like that. Why there isn't anything about Work Life Balance? A company can't strive if it provides its employees more time at home? I don't feel i rewarded fairly. It makes me less motivated. I mean who is going to appreciate your efforts? Who sees it? What is the point of working damn f'ing hard?

I really love spending time listening to music, watching Youtube videos and stuffs. Be it a music videos, a cover, or a review or know-how. It makes my day pleasant. Song heals man!! Listen to Tyler Ward. He's Great!