Saturday, January 28, 2012

Getting Insured

Today i met up with a friend whom is an insurance agent. I was to get to know the insurance policies that are offered by the insurance company.

Well, it turned out quite fruitful and efficient. I called my brother and sister immediately after i was done talking to my friend. They very willingly accepted my proposal to get both my parents insured. We agreed to share the premiums and also the beneficiaries, which are the three of us as well obviously.

First payment is made and the forms are signed after my friend and myself explained to my parents the benefits of getting insured. My parents doubted the necessity of the policies but i believe it is a right choice.

At least today i have achieved a big step in ensuring part of the future of both my parents and among my siblings are taken care of. Medical bills can be quite a bitch!

Amid this CNY mood that are fading as i will be heading back to work soon, i wish everybody a Happy Chinese New Year! ^.^

Favourite picture for this year CNY Celebration!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Japan Visa

There's no interview like the US Visa.

However you need a saving account, or fixed deposit, etc showing a figure more than RM 10k.

You would also need your company certification letter indicating your position, length of service, salary etc, and some other documents to prove your are earning a healthy income and you are not actually going there to steal jobs. Haha..

Also, unless you are travelling to Japan for work purposes, you would probably need to prepare a letter stating your purpose of visit and guarantee of expenses.

Not forgetting a confirmed flight itinerary as well. Meaning to say you can't submit your Visa application unless you have bought your air ticket. Lolz...

And here it is!

My face is freaking dark! WTH?! Never mind. ^.^

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Preview of 2012

Hi Everybody! I know it's a little bit late but i will assure you the following stories will not be a waste of time. :)

People usually talks about what happened last year when they stepped into new year i.e. best bits of 2011. However i'm going to skip that and do the opposite. Here's the preview of the year 2012 for me.

1. Moving back to Singapore

Yes. I will be back to Singapore for my third project in Keppel Tuas Shipyard early February. It's a very challenging project and i am quite delighted that i will be a part of it. I've been learning and it's been tough for me thus far. My new year resolution for work is that i must be humble and be willing to take advice. 

2. Going to the US

I have had quite an unusual experience obtaining the US Visa. In short, i will be at Kansas City for Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) for my current project. Out of the 6 days, 2.5 days i will be in planes or airports. 1 day for FAT and 1.5 days free and easy. All are with co-workers of course. It is my first time there and it is work related but it certainly won't be the last since i'm having a 10 years multiple entry Visa. ^.^

3. Going to Japan

My Japan Visa is currently being processed. Like the US one but slightly easier, without interview, and it is free of charge as well. This trip however is not work related. I am going there alone for 7 days. I have a friend there who may able to bring me around. Well... going there anyway with or without anyone. Flights are confirmed. 

4. Buying a house

It is a new condominium located in Subang Jaya expected to complete end of 2014. Down-payment paid, loan approved, and going to sign S&P soon. The entire process is more tedious than i thought it would be. This house most probably is not for own stay. Maybe will sell maybe will rent out. Will see...

5. Just bought a 10-24mm Nikkor DX lens

I bought it for a week but yet to explore its greatness. This lens is a must considering the events that are going to happen this year. Not to mention the oversea trips i'm going to have, i actually have few friends going to tie the knot this year. Do expect some wedding related photos coming up later this year in my Facebook profile, or maybe here blogger. I think i will get a flash soon for proper wedding shoots. :P

6. Considering taking MBA

It is close to 2 years since i graduated from USM. The working life is not exactly broadening my perspective for life. I have not seen enough and i am hunger for more unique experiences. This is still at a very beginning stage, still not sure where to pursue MBA. Most probably i will take it full time and hence money is another issue i need to consider seriously. 

Some of you may have stopped reading the above and jumped to this photo. If you did please tick the "lolzz" below. Then i will know how exactly boring my writing is. Please comment as well if you think i look funny. Hahaha...

Is it a waste of time? Lolz...