Sunday, May 16, 2010

Days before work at Singapore

Hello everyone! Tomorrow is my first day working here at Singapore. Just thought wanna give you guys a short update. 

I've been staying at NUS hostel for few days now after my medical check up. One thing worth mention here is that the food at their canteen is awesome and cheap too. What i have had here normally won't exceed 3 dollars. There are various kind of food here. Western, Chinese, Japanese, Indian, Thai, Vietnamese and so on... Wonder why my campus at Nibong Tebal provides such dull choices of food. I thought at least they should make it more tasty.

Connection here is real fast and no unnecessary restriction of website. A lot of big trees and well connected walkway which provide shade when you travel around campus or hostel. Bathroom however is quite small though. Couldn't stretch my hands entirely and it hits the wall constantly when using my towel.

I'm lucky cause i don't have to look for accommodation. Other friends that also coming to Singapore for work have been having hard time finding apartment. A 3+1 usually fetch a rate higher than 2000 SG dollars per month. Hope they could find a suitable one very soon.

Fountain of Wealth Suntec City
I went to Suntec City last night with Feng Ying. Looked around but sadly the Fountain of Wealth is undergoing maintenance until 22nd March. We went to check out some laptops instead. Wanted to get one so badly. According to HR of my company, probably they will provide me a laptop depending on my job scope, which i yet to know. However i was told not to change/install anything in the laptop. So i guess it is kind of a restriction that will bothers me, which means probably i will get myself one no matter the company gives me one or not.

The first 2 weeks i will be placed at head office for some orientation and training. Then later i will be notified of which site to go to. According to them, there's a new project commencing at Vietnam next month. I hope i will be asked to go because it will be an another brand new experience for me. I will be offered another contract with oversea's allowance if i'm in. It is kind of two birds in one stone for me. But still, nothing is confirmed. So... will see.


eMiLy said...

everything sounds new and exciting. wish you all the best! and regarding the NUS canteen, I've followed a food blog by a singaporean and in it he mentioned the food there few times. lucky you i guess. all the best!

Neo said...

good luck bro... Hope u enjoy with the new environment....

HockSiang said...

Hi mates! No Vietnam for me.. will be based in Jurong Island... jz some quick updates... :)