Sunday, June 6, 2010

3 Doors Down

R'ber YeeWai was calling me, that i mentioned in my last post? We went for a drink and chatted for a while. It was in Jurong East Interchange. There's also a Popular Book Store there which also sell music CDs. Apparently there was this promotion buy 3 for $10.

Most are old albums. One of the CDs i bought is 3 Doors Down featuring "It's Not My Time"

It's Not My Time

The other one quite nice was "Let Me Be Myself"

Let Me Be Myself

Gosh! I miss drumming so much. Whenever i feel my life is monotonous, i just try to imagine i'm playing a nice song in a band. Picture myself being my oldself, sitting behind the kit... I feel i became alive again!

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