Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Brunch, Dinner and Supper

My Diet of The Day

Milo mixed with Nutrifresh + 5 pieces of Jacob's Hi-fibre Biscuits

Plain Porridge + Sliced Pork

Pineapple Juice

Juices of 1 Lemon, 1 Carrot, and 1 Green Apple mixed together

1 Kiwi Fruit

That's all i ate today. My brunch, dinner and supper. Diet of my own creation. Lolzz...

Thursday, November 11, 2010

State of Mind

 We live in a world where we are exposed to many situations. These situations will make you feel something, the thing which we called feeling. 

This feeling will make you experience all the ups and downs in life, all the joy and tears, all the excitement and boredom, all the inferiority and superiority, and all the other more complicated ones. These are caused by some kind of chemical compounds released by our body. Due to these stuffs we enjoy or suffer from something.

We like feelings that are positive, that make you feel great. The problem is that we also have to deal with the negative ones. Like me i used to take too much time wandering in a negative state of mind. I thought to myself "how can my life be so bad? Why do i lost to others? Why after i tried so hard i still lose. Why?" That's all i was thinking about.

I used to try very hard to overcome these feelings. As i grow older i became more skillful. I realized all this are actually just a state of mind. It is actually manageable. 

First thing is you must able to calm down and think about the situation from a further perspective. Don't let yourself drown in that situation. Imagine yourself actually standing very far away from the situation, so that you could suffer less impact. The further the better. Always ask yourself this question when you are down or when you think you are going to be down, "How bad could it be? It's nothing."

Just remember that you are being manipulated to feel this way. By whom? By God who created human. It is just an effect, a chemical reaction. Keep your mind clear. Believe in yourself that life will be so much better soon. At the same time strive for what you want to achieve in life and be patient.

I believe we can choose what we want to feel. It's our life, it's our body, it's our mind, and i believe we get to choose how we want it to be. Enjoy the positive ones and dilute the negative ones.

It is just a STATE OF MIND and you can control it!