Friday, June 4, 2010

Random Updates

I'm writting this in library. Connected using Wireless@SG free wireless internet. I think from now on i will be hanging out here more n more often. To skip the traffic crawl, to enjoy the air-conditioned environment, also quiet and comfort, and most importantly laze on a very soft sofa. It is just nice!

I got a colleague who joined my company a week later than i am. Also, a site engineer. He actually wanted to resign after one week with the company but eventually being advised by a senior colleague to stay and see more for himself before he make any decision. Simply because he realised he could fall into the sea anytime and he doesn't know how to swim.

My job salary isn't high but i got an ok accomodation, three quarter to-and-fro transportation for work, handphone allowance, and a new personal laptop. The only bad thing is i am holding a work permit. When i ask they said company will monitor its employee's performance before upgrade them to S/E pass.

And now YeeWai is calling, he asked to yumcha. So... until next time.

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