Thursday, December 30, 2010

Light bulb on my ceiling

I took my E pass yesterday, which is great! Not that because i want to become a Singapore PR but because i feel i deserve it. Actually it will not affect me very much but still it just feels better.

2010 will come to end about 24 hours later. Thought i should at least write something to end this year entries. So probably you will find reading this post direction-less. 

One great thing for me is i will not be working during 1st and 2nd January. I gonna really have to think and plan carefully how am i going to spend these 2 days. My tripod has been hiding in its bag most of the time. Only brought it out twice for some try-outs. Nothing significant products yet. Think i will be doing something with my tripod this weekends.

My parents were having a hard time getting bus ticket for me. CNY tickets are being sold at an incredibly high price. Almost 3 times of normal selling price.

FYI i passed my BTT too. The next step is to go to Malaysia's JPJ and cut my Malaysia driving license, then go back to Singapore and convert my driving license. I will then free to drive on Singapore roads.

Gosh... I feel this post is damn pathetic and boring. That's all for today. By the way, Bleeding Love by New Heights is just awesome!!

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