Saturday, August 7, 2010

The Moment

This is the first time i come back Malaysia after i went to Singapore for work. I'm taking leave from 5th to 7th August. 8th is Sunday and 9th is Singapore National Day, which means public holiday. Resume work at 10th of August. A total 5 days off work. NICE!!

6th August 2010, 3.30pm was my convocation. I think this was the first time my family ever taken a family photo together with all 5 members of my family. Actually we do have a family photo but only 4 members, that was before my 7 years younger-than-me brother was born. After that we never have any photo taken with all of us together. So these are PRECIOUS!!

It is real nice isn't it...?


eMiLy said...

grats on ur grad. ^^
spend some gud time v ur family. nice family pic.
i wana take too when my sis gt bk. hehe

Neo said...

ya, it's a really nice photo...