Sunday, August 29, 2010

China is not my home but Malaysia is

Now almost everybody is in Singapore. I can actually find more close friends here than in Malaysia. It is really ironic. Why Malaysia allow this to happen? Why can't Malaysia economy is as good as Singapore? If not better.

I always wonder when our leaders will stop fighting each other and really work towards a better tomorrow for our country. I don't even bother to read those news that bear the title with a politicians name on it anymore. I think it is wasting my time. Too much are said and little are done. I wish to see Malaysia is really a Bolehland. Not just a popular slogan for the purpose of... actually i don't know why we always have to say we boleh? why don't we just stop saying we boleh and actually do something to change for better. It's meaningless!

Amid this Merdeka month, it is really sad to see remarks such as "go back China" can actually be heard. And that actually spoken to a third generation Malaysian. What does this imply? That the person is never a Malaysian? We are sick and immature. The PM said there is zero tolerance for racist remarks but little have done to deter this to happen. Otherwise we would not have to go through this kind of situation. There are too many rules differentiate the people of Malaysia. If there is no such rules, then everybody will be the same. We should be the same regardless of our skin tone.

I will come home one day and help Malaysia to grow (i hope i able to). And when i'm back, i hope i feel welcomed. All the best Malaysia!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Suddenly everybody is like a damn good singer

A Song that sung differently could be so much difference. One impresses another. Music is just so wonderful. 

Eminem - Love The Way You Lie ft. Rihanna

Love The Way You Lie Cover/Remix ft. Matty BRaps & Julia Sheer

Love The Way You Lie / Not Afraid Mashup - Jason Chen

Love The Way You Lie (Acoustic Version) - Jemma Pixie Hixon

Apparently Rihanna is just as comparable as the others. They are just the same. The difference is music. That is all.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Tyler Ward ft. Cobus Potgieter

Well this is a collaboration cover featuring Cobus. Honestly seldom we could see Cobus play it such simple. Sometimes simple is good. It gives the song spaces to breath, so that it won't choke you too much.

The Club Can't Handle Me

Sunday, August 22, 2010

A post simply to keep my blog updated

Looks like i have been abandoning my blog for quite some time. Not much thought arise recently? Or perhaps it is just plain lazy...

Received confirmation letter last week. Got a pay raise! It's a good news right? Already start wondering when is the next pay raise? Hope it won't be long. Haha...

Guess what is the next thing i have in mind? I want to buy house! Recently i always feel that a nice big comfy house is the best one could ever get. I got attracted by those properties magazine. It is just too beautiful to ignore. The furniture, lighting, garden, big LCD tv, home theater system, and so on... and a big comfy sofa... gosh i want to lie down on my imaginary sofa!!

Picturing my dream home...

Saturday, August 7, 2010

The Moment

This is the first time i come back Malaysia after i went to Singapore for work. I'm taking leave from 5th to 7th August. 8th is Sunday and 9th is Singapore National Day, which means public holiday. Resume work at 10th of August. A total 5 days off work. NICE!!

6th August 2010, 3.30pm was my convocation. I think this was the first time my family ever taken a family photo together with all 5 members of my family. Actually we do have a family photo but only 4 members, that was before my 7 years younger-than-me brother was born. After that we never have any photo taken with all of us together. So these are PRECIOUS!!

It is real nice isn't it...?