Monday, June 21, 2010

Singapore MRT

Recently the government of Malaysia announced the plan to build a new MRT to boost the country's public transport usage from 18% in 2009 to 40% by 2020. Total budget would cost up to RM 50 billion.

If this really materialized, and everything really goes as planned, it certainly makes travelling in KL much more pleasant. Hopefully, something is done on the public bus as well. Integrating this two major transportation system. Then i could proudly say my country has a comprehensive transportation system, at least in KL.

However, that is not what i really want share with you right now, but instead, the Singapore MRT. I live in Pasir Panjang now which has no MRT station nearby but in a year or two perhaps, there would be one as i already see there are construction going on at my place. You see the difference in between Malaysia's and Singapore's, is that the latter is always improving, solve the problem before it arising.

The Current Singapore MRT lines

The Future Singapore MRT lines

I came across this so called Future Singapore MRT lines from one of my friend's blog writing his experience traveling to Singapore. Although i'm not sure it is from a reliable sources or not, i believe it will be materialized, somehow or rather.

The line is being extended from time to time and more stations are constantly added to the existing line. They wait for no body but instead, planned, prepared and wait for the needs and demand to come. If only Malaysia is as prepared as Singapore.