Sunday, September 12, 2010

Beware of becoming Old

With the Love The Way You Lie & Not Afraid Mashup video circulating around the whole Facebook network, Jason Chen became a name that everybody knows, suddenly.

Just a Dream cover by Jason Chen & Joseph Vincent

It is amazing how things can change at such fast. For one moment you are not, and the next you are. This is how fast one could rise, and perhaps falls too. The internet open up all the possibilities. If you think you are good at something, go get a good video camera and start recording at yourself and upload it to the internet. Bamm!! You're famous!

Hogging on to the internet via social networking websites i.e. Facebook, reading blogs written by friends are how you keep yourself updated to one another these days. If there is anything you want to know, just remember to Google it. However some people believe in not-too-dependent on the internet and chose to rely on face to face communication. They afraid that this might become the only way people communicate in future.

Embrace the change i must say. Otherwise you definitely will lose out. Speed up the rate you obtain information. That is of real importance these days. When you are there mushrooming don't know what to do for a particular day, start by visiting Facebook. From there find anything that interest you and carry on from there. There's nothing bad about it really. Use the internet to achieve your dreams. That's what i thought.

However, one needs to know when you hanging out with friends but you keep checking out your cellphone is kind of irritating. I myself find it very turn-off to me if the girl i'm dating with were like that. I would rather go home sleeping than dating a girl like that. Just keep the device off for a second and spend time talking to your friends. If you're alone then the mini computer inside your pocket is definitely your best friend but not any other time.

Do you know Oxford Dictionary is on its way to stop producing the a-few-inches-thick book because no body is buying it in the US anymore? Plus it is no green cutting off trees to make books. Give it another decade books may become antique already. So start embracing the habit of reading the internet instead. Do it constantly, when you are alone, not with friends.

You know how people became old? Not through physical body fitness deterioration but the refusal to change and keep yourself relevant to the society. You know what?  I know a guy who is around 80 years old and he got better computer skills than me. That's how i will define young.

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