Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day Special

As i grow older, family become more and more important to me. When i gave it a deeper thought, family is actually all that matters at the end of the day.

Father retired, used to be a self-employed lorry driver. Mother currently working as a bread stall helper in local market, earning Rm 20 per day. My family has been living frugally since forever ago.

Growing up has been a challenge for me. Well... challenge in terms of overcoming my desire especially when i was still a kid. The kids next door always have better toys than mine. Whatever things that i wanted to own, i have to figure out a way to own it myself. The conventional way, getting money from parents just don't work well for me.

This situation has shaped me to become independent, ambitious and determined. I don't allow much space for myself to fail. I have high expectations. Sometimes i became ruthless especially to my parents. Eventually they get used to it and stop trying to prevent me from doing anything anymore. Because i just won't listen to them. I do what i feel right.

They don't believe the situation will change very much even after i grow up. Although i tried to convince them that i will change this. They lived poor far too long to be able to dream again. They always feel miniature, inferior, insecure and no expectation.

This really have to change!

One day i want them to feel only the feelings of satisfied, happy, and proud. Stop telling me to be contented! I have had enough of it.

Jason Mraz - A Beautiful Mess

This blog was written after a short moment i saw this quote:


I don't think it is wrong, but i don't think it is correct either. As for me, i don't think it is appropriate to apply it to all situations. Maybe some, but not all.


aRthUrWho said...

For ppl who is being too perfectionist la, in order to strive in lives, hard work and ambitious are important oso~

Plus tat quote for ppl who think having more = good live la I think.

玉树临风 said...


Neo said...

Bro, it's great that u finally realise the important of family.. I am sure u and ur sis can definitely can bring changes to ur parents de..

Good luck bro.. will support you always...

wave 11 said...

be contented, not satisfied.
support u always man! work hard and let u and ur parents live a comfortable life. keep the drive inside u alive...

HockSiang said...

wave 11, am i know you? you are?

wave11 said...

lol ur final year roomate la hahaha
c u at convo

EuRicHi k3aN k33 said...

hey's kinda emotional when seeing this post..guess we are sharing almost the same feeling...cheers bro!!u sure will achieve it!