Tuesday, November 15, 2011

US Visa

"Hello how are you?"
"Say again?"

"How are you?"
"Yeah i'm fine."

"Why are you going to the US?"
"I'm an employee of Antara Koh.... .... I'm there to witness the testing."

"Do you have any relatives there?"

"How long would you stay in the US?"
"3 days."

"Your Visa is approved. This is the collection card to pick up your passport at your selected distribution office. Enjoy your trip to the US."

"So it's done?"


The interview took me less than 2 minutes (maybe because i have the invitation letter from the US manufacturer) but the queue took me 2 hours!

The application itself is a lengthy and tedious process. Pay up the application fees at Standard Charted Bank, filling up the online application form, schedule the interview, get ready the US Visa format photos, attend the interview at the US embassy, and finally collect the Visa.

And here it is!

I was never informed of the validity of the Visa but i was granted 10 years! I thought it would be like perhaps a month? That is so cool!

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