Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Creating Great Memories

After watching 'You are the Apple of My Eye', can't help but recalled all the memories during my school days. They were so nostalgic and beautiful!

I realized that the beauty of life is life itself. You have to live in it and create great memories. Do awesome things! Do beautiful things! What kind of things is awesome and beautiful? Well you got to figure it out yourself. 

One day i'm going to dump my job and become a person i truly wanna become. Perhaps will go to a foreign land, if possible maybe i will get some odd jobs. Stay there for as long as possible, meet new people, and start creating great memories!

Does it sounds childish? Maybe... but what's so great about being a mature, predictable, dull person? I think i have done that enough. Should try to become silly and immature aka childish.

If we could possibly choose to stop growing up, would you want to?

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