Friday, November 25, 2011

Honda CR-Z

Early this month was the launching of Honda CR-Z. Honda claimed it is the world first sporty hybrid.

It is special because it is a coupe, and that means 2 doors and most probably 2 seater. The car is awesome but when you realized that you can only share with one person at a time, it is kind of "owh... that's too bad."

Look at the interior! Breathtaking!

Well the back seats are either for hobbits or kids. Maybe for people with no legs too. How considerate. (Zzzz... It's a coupe lah... Don't you understand?)

Engine integrated with electric motor, IMA(Integrated Motor Assist). It is called so because the engine is always working. When you accelerates the electric motor assist, and when you decelerates it charges the battery. Less fuel for more power. An unique type of "hybrid". Since it bears the name "hybrid", it only sells at RM 115k in Malaysia.

Currently we only have 6 speeds manual in Malaysia, CVT comes later. With 6 speeds you do feel quite sporty, but you would a bit upset when you realized the 0-100km/h is 10 seconds. (Yes! You probably able to outrace CR-Z with a Gen-2.)

Jason Barlow said it is a different kind of car, for a different kind of road trip. It is a coupe so forget about the back seats.

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