Thursday, March 31, 2011


Just a few months ago i was complaining on how my working life sucks. Anyway, things get better now. 

I have not working for more than 5 Sundays consecutively.

I have not staying back until 10pm for more than 4 weeks.

My colleagues started to take leaves. From leaves that last for few days to 3 months. Even my PM is taking a week leave.

Company revised staffs' salary and i was one of them. It is pretty handsome too.

I think maybe the previous complaints of mine are heard. Perhaps this is just temporary but i really hope it is not. Once in a while if required to work until 10pm or mid night if there's casting that is alright. But please don't make me stay because i need to standby for don't know what the hell unexpected circumstances or situation that most probably wouldn't happen.

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