Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Fear!

I am scare! I can't calm myself down. I'm like watching an endless scary ghost movie.

I have discovered things that i shouldn't know. These things are so dramatic that it is unbelievable. And i have yet to discover all, which makes it even more scary! I don't know what is the truth exactly. The truth, however, is kind of predictable, but i am too scare to accept it being a truth.

I don't know what i should do. My heart pumping fast when i think of it. I feel a deep sense of fear. Fear that i have never felt before in my entire life. It keeps coming. I'm drowning inside it.

There are only so much i can tell. This is because as in somehow a silence promise has been made when i talked to the story teller. The story teller did not really ask or threaten me to keep it as secret, but i just know that i could not tell.

The story teller is like no other story tellers. She just present the tip of the ice berg for you. She then without doing anything, capable of manipulate your thoughts to discover more things. She will only tell when you ask. I have thought of not asking but i could not let go of the truth. I wonder why i want to know a truth that will scare the hell out of me?!

I feel sick. I feel nausea. I feel hot and suddenly i feel cold. Am i really sick or a ghost has got on me?