Saturday, May 1, 2010

Movie Spree!!

Finished my very last exam paper 12 hours ago! Now it just left the printing of my FYP hardbound copy to finish my 4 year course of civil engineering here at USM Engineering Campus Nibong Tebal. Finally!!

The plans for coming days other than FYP would be...

Movie! Movie!! Movie!!!

Started off with today, just 3 hours after my exam, my coursemates and i went to Sunway Carnival to watch this...

Iron Man 2

My rating for this would be 3.5/5. Just a personal judgement though. I feel that's no big surprise watching it... then nothing much that will grab your emotion... but overall speaking it was quite entertaining.

Well... that was for today. Tomorrow we'll continue with this...

Ip Man 2

We'll be watching at the same place again but with more people will be joining us.

I don't know where exactly it is from but i saw a hybrid version poster of them.

Ipron Man 2

Obviously i haven't watch Ip Man 2 so nothing to be said yet. However i am quite looking forward to this one. I like a particular quote i heard/seen in the trailer...


The day after tomorrow, still in planning process, probably will go watch this one...

Toy Story 1 & 2 Double Feature

It is the same old Toy Story 1 & 2 you used to watch years back but in a continuous 3 hours 11 minutes 3D version. Actually if you ask me, whether it is worth watching, i think it depends on you really. For me when i try to remember the scenes and the storyline, i couldn't recall any. So i guess i want to watch it. :)

This one actually serve as a refresher and prepare you to watch the new Toy Story 3 due to on air this summer, some time around mid of june.

Toy Story 3

If you are a fan of Toy Story you should really check out this website. Below is the Print Screen of the website with some nice background music also! Haha!!

Embedding disabled by request! So i will just provide the link and go watch for yourself here and here. Anyway by the time it is aired i think i will be busy working. Not sure will have the time to go watch though. Sighz...

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