Tuesday, May 15, 2012

2 Weeks on The Job

2 weeks have gone and I wouldn't say it was a hard one. The work itself really feels kind of easy to get the hang of it. Now I can really tell what's the difference in productivity between someone who is totally new and someone with experience.

Everything was kind of expected so far. In fact a lot of flashes came back to mind and remind me what is the next step to take and the precautions for potential problems. Construction site always have problems, and solving problems is really what engineers like me have to do. The upside is I can get my job done pretty effectively. The downside is people start to depend on you and harbour high expectations from you.

I'm not genius or different in anyway while compare to others. I just know slightly more than others in terms of marine construction. I would say luck brought me here, to where I am today. I have never planned myself that way. I just followed what was given to me, and I kind of made my way here. I still doubt about my choice of career though. Despite all the upside my job gave me, the downside will always be there and I not sure that is really what I wanted.

Anyway, for the time being, I will just continue to do what I have always been doing, to have great faith in my abilities and to do what I am paid to do.

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y yung said...

good luck with the new job :)