Wednesday, April 25, 2012

New Chapter in Life: New Job New Beginning

Well, instead of further study like I mentioned in my Preview of 2012, I changed job. The 23 of April 2012 was the last day of service to my company. 

It was my first company since graduation and I have learned lots to grow to a more mature engineer compare to 2 years ago. I joined this company on 17 May 2010 and gosh time passed so fast. I have since involved in 3 projects which exposed me to the fundamental of marine construction. The experience was awesome! Many thanks to colleagues whom had guide me throughout my time in this company.

About 3 months ago a new opportunity arose and I took it. As a result I will be starting my new job at 2nd of May. I will be working in Malaysia and this involve giving up my employment pass. It had certainly served me well for this past 2 years, enabled me to access Singapore easily. For the record, my passports only got stamped once by Singapore Immigration.

However, working in Malaysia also means a different kind of lifestyle. Not exactly new to me but this time it is more reassuring that I will be staying here far more longer. Hence I have bought my first ever car in my life! More about my car in future posts! ^.^

By the way, for the record as well, I have never bought any laptop in my life until one month ago. I've been using my company laptop LIKE A BOSS all this while haha! I'm changing company and of course the laptop has to go back to the HR, which it already did.

HP Envy 14 Spectre with HP X7000 Wifi Mouse and Beats by Dr. Dre! Also starring are my HTC Desire HD, Nokia Xpress Music 5130, and Samsung Monte.

Yes I did use 3 phones and in fact I have 4 phone numbers! Call me crazy but I really found them handy as I always moving around between JB and Singapore, and also to segregate my calls between personal and work. Don't be surprise if you only have one of my 4 numbers, because no body have all my 4 phone numbers. Mostly got one or two, three is very few! However I'm likely to reduce it to 2 or 3 starting next month.

I pray my new chapter in life will be better than ever if not awesome. 


Chin Ling said...

you need a DAC for Beats by Dr. Dre.

HockSiang said...

Why le? It works fine so far i guess...

全部都是你 said...
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fendy said...

All the best =)

Chin Ling said...

laptop punya DAC sound not clear enough..

Wednesday said...

haha, well..going through similar events recently, change a job, bought a car and so on so on...haha
all the best!