Friday, April 23, 2010

To be a better man

I think it is time to change. If you are one of those that follow my blog you should know what i'm talking about. Erm... cause i don't want to cause any more discomfort. Either to myself or any other person.

Perhaps inferiority complex strikes again. I could have been ignored what they said about it. Ya. It was a "they". Considering the number of people talking about it, i think i was wrong. So i have to change. Some say it is just a unique peculiar habit of mine, that there is no need to change anything, and that i can just do it the way i wanted it to be. Some actually complained, and explained how it affects them, and to the extent of not caring how i was going to judge them. Perhaps the mistake was so immense that they willing to risk anything just to get their voices heard.

It is better this way. I really think so. I really wants to feel better about myself. I don't want to hurt anyone or to get hurt. It is the very last thing that i wanted to do.

Robbie Williams - Better Man

*BTW it is not a Live version as it seems to be though. :)


Neo said...

Bro, u definitely can do it de.. Good luck..

D.M.B.L. said...

Others may predict but eventually it's you yourself that'll determine your own destiny.. Word of wisdom for upcoming environment paper. all the best! ha2

thoughtlessbrainiac said...

I think I see the changes.
anyways, everyone is quirky in their own unique way. you dont have to change just because of someone elses' opinion about something.