Saturday, January 28, 2012

Getting Insured

Today i met up with a friend whom is an insurance agent. I was to get to know the insurance policies that are offered by the insurance company.

Well, it turned out quite fruitful and efficient. I called my brother and sister immediately after i was done talking to my friend. They very willingly accepted my proposal to get both my parents insured. We agreed to share the premiums and also the beneficiaries, which are the three of us as well obviously.

First payment is made and the forms are signed after my friend and myself explained to my parents the benefits of getting insured. My parents doubted the necessity of the policies but i believe it is a right choice.

At least today i have achieved a big step in ensuring part of the future of both my parents and among my siblings are taken care of. Medical bills can be quite a bitch!

Amid this CNY mood that are fading as i will be heading back to work soon, i wish everybody a Happy Chinese New Year! ^.^

Favourite picture for this year CNY Celebration!

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