Sunday, May 1, 2011

Myself being melodramatic

We all used to be a student. We have friends around us that we usually hangout together with. Whenever you feel bored or something you can instantly grab your phone and send a text message or just call them out for something.

As time goes by, we grow older and we graduated and started working. We have less time for each other because we need to cope with the work stress and physical tiredness resulted from our job. Perhaps we could see each other during the weekends, if we feel like wanted to.

And then another stage come in, now is the time to settle down, it is almost time to start a family. At this moment you will meet your friends less and less. Most of the time you will be hanging out with your another half, life partner. When both of your partner and you also working, it is only logical to spend time together during weekends.

How about friends? Yeah we still hangout some time, just not as often, way less often. Can't help but feel pathetic having to write this post. Feelings struck when i tried to get some friends for lunch and i couldn't find any. Sorry about that.

p/s: i will still going out to meet a friend later in the evening. The situation is not as bad as you think but, i just wanted to depict the feelings i have right now.